October 4th, 2009


Side effects may include ...

Some very weird stuff has been happening to me -- mostly good weird -- since I joined the gym three weeks ago. Keep in mind, now, that I've only been going on weekends, and the first weekend I simply did two 20-minute cardio workouts (on the elliptical -- blech!) since I hadn't learned the weight machines yet.

The second weekend: Friday, lower body workout plus 20 minutes cardio (switched to treadmill). Saturday, upper body workout plus 40 minutes cardio. Sunday, another lower body workout plus 30 cardio. The strength workouts are about 30 minutes each. I'm not timing them; that just happens to be the amount of time it takes to do each set of machines.

This weekend: Saturday, LB plus 35 cardio. Today: UB plus 40 cardio.

So, the weird stuff:

A couple of weeks ago I broke my glasses. I haven't replaced them since it's not worth it; I'm having cataract surgery at the end of this month and I can't see paying for a new pair that I'll only need for a few weeks. The left bow broke clean off, but they are still wearable around the house.

So I've been wearing my contacts full time. My contact prescription is 5 years old -- not the lenses themselves, just the scrip; I bought a big supply five years ago and they've lasted me this long because I haven't worn them every day. Because it *is* an old scrip, they don't work as well as they used to. I've needed reading glasses with them not just to read, but to drive and to see clearly in any light but bright sunlight.

This morning I put my lenses in, slapped my readers over them and drove to the gym. I realized I wasn't seeing very well and wondered if I'd just put the lenses in the wrong eyes. Sure enough, that was the case. After switching them around, I put the readers back on (I need them in the gym to read my little card with all the weight machine settings, and to see the TV when on the treadmill) -- and things went blurry.

Holy hallelujah-Ah-can-see, Batman! Suddenly my left eye (the one without the cataract) has perfect distance vision with the old contact lens. How the hell did that happen?

Weird stuff, version 2.0: I noticed this morning that a bruise I'd had on my right hand -- product of taking a corner too close and slamming it into a wall at work -- for *three weeks* has disappeared completely.

I don't know the biology behind my sudden improvement in vision or bruise reduction, but the *only* thing I've been doing differently is going to the gym. I wonder ... is it related to improved circulation? More oxygen going where it needs to go?

I started this to lose weight and get my endurance back (morris dancing has been killing me!), and I am definitely losing -- five pounds last week, not counting the four pounds I'd gained from period bloat). These other effects are just lovely bonuses.

Speaking of periods, that's gone weird on me as well. Instead of my usual Heavy Flow From Hell arriving the second week of the month, it arrived last week and has been followed by daily spotting. Fucking DAILY. I don't know if this is exercise-related also, or just Ma Nature and the Menopausal Mindfuck Machine. But it's annoying as hell. Sigh.