June 6th, 2009


Flying solo and buying -- oh, no!

Don't get me wrong; I love NiiceDuude. But he is away for the weekend at an all-men's morris event, and so I've been keeping busy with a Solidarity Singers gig at the new Delmar Farmers Market this morning, then SHOPPING!

Those of you who know me know I'm not a "shopper." I detest malls. I go shoe shopping only when my existing shoes are falling apart. But I do love garage sales and the Starvation Army, and I hit them both today.

My loot:

Farmers market: Ginormous tomato plant -- now residing on my balcony.

Garage sales:

Digital camera -- 20 bucks, plus another 12 for the memory card at Radio Shack. It's a Canon and I think it may be the same model as NiiceDuude's, but I'll have to see his again to be sure.

Revere Ware teakettle -- 2 bucks!

Blue short-sleeved shirt and blue cardigan sweater -- 75 cents

Salvation Army:

White poet-style top with embroidery around the neckline

Blue and black print empire-waist top, that actually *doesn't* make me look pregnant, which is a neat trick with that currently trendy style.

Light blue linen skirt

White shorts (mainly for morris dancing at Old Songs)

What to do with the rest of the day/evening? I have a documentary to watch and a story to write for work. I have beer makings that could be boiled. I have ironing.

I have time! What a concept!