April 19th, 2009


Smoking less and enjoying it more

This weekend it was really brought home to me how much even cutting down on Da Ebil Cigabutts can make a difference.

Since I moved to a place where I don't smoke inside (the landlord's rule, but even if he didn't forbid smoking inside, I'd still go out -- this place is too nice to pollute), my consumption has dropped drastically. In the past, I could easily put away two and a half to three packs in an afternoon/evening, just sitting at the computer or the TV sucking back one ciggie after another. But I'm down to a little over one pack a day.

Last night, NiiceDuude and I hung out by the fireplace in his backyard with his landlord. We were out there about three hours, during which time I finished off a whole pack plus a few more. In other words, I reverted to my old smoking habits.

This morning I woke up feeling like there was a Playtex Living Girdle around my chest. Tight and congested and coughing like I haven't coughed in some time.

Holy harm reduction, Batman! I've been operating under the assumption that as a smoker, I'm screwed, whether I smoke half a pack a day or a carton. Reduced sense of taste, sense of smell and lung power, and possible Big Bad Health Problems down the road. Not to mention the huge turn-off the habit is to so many people. But this little taste of the difference between smoking like a chimney and a factory smokestack was educational, and may give me the incentive to quit down the road. In the meantime, it's good to know that cutting back is paying off.

I also had two absolutely delicious dinners this weekend. A particularly lovely chezjake-anchored meal on Friday, and on Saturday possibly the best restaurant meal *ever.* And I'm wondering if this may be related to recovered sense of taste from the reduced tobacco consumption.

In case you're wondering, the restaurant was P.F. Chang's. Pricey, but ohhh, so yummy. Check it out, but make reservations and hit the ATM first.