January 31st, 2009


Things I learned from my first Saratoga Chowderfest

Chez Jake needs a sign, and a tape on continuous loop, that both say, "This is the food prep area for Caffe Lena's chowder. Serving is out front!"

Those little thermal handwarmer thingies don't work on feet. But it was nice of Tom to donate them.

Small kitchens + chopped onions = crying jag.

Schipperkes are still the cutest dogs ever -- after Chihuahuas.

Closing Ziploc bags is difficult to impossible when one's fingers are frozen.

If I get all emotional from the sheer sweet sensation of being in a warm place after hours out in the cold, I'm not crying. I'm melting.

chezjake makes the best chowder in the world. (Oh, wait, I already knew that.)

If you volunteer to help with food prep on Friday night, do kitchen duty in the cold all day Saturday, attend a concert on Saturday night, and do kitchen duty somewhere else on Sunday night, something is gonna give. In this case, it was the Saturday night concert. Next time, say no to Sunday night.

A cappella singing will never get old.

Heaven is a cappella singing followed by an O'Reilly sandwich and a Guinness at the Parting Glass.

Spring cannot come soon enough.