September 21st, 2008


Serendipity, or I Has a Partment!

So, I started looking for new digs this week. I told myself I should not, repeat NOT, jump at the first place I saw no matter how perfect it seemed.

Tuesday I looked at a place in Mechanicville that was almost everything I wanted. I left with a copy of the rental agreement to fill out and a promise that I would let the landlady know by the weekend. I was seriously psyched about this place: great location, lots of storage.

Wednesday I called about an apartment in Schuylerville that I knew nothing about except that the rent was cheap and heat was included. The landlady of the latter (she's in Saratoga) invited me to stop by Friday while workmen were there and look around.

Friday, on my way to Glens Falls to put in a little OT, I drive up to the latter building and decide it isn't for me. Looks like a converted motel with at least 10 units. One of the things I want to get away from is a buttload of noisy neighbors.

I drive on, stop at the Stewart's where I work, chat with the manager and leave having forgotten to get a newspaper. So I stop at Cumby's to get a paper; they're out. But leaving, I run into Noreen, who lives just north of Schuylerville.

She reminds me that she saw a listing in one of the pennysavers/free rags for a cheap rental and tells me to stop by the house and she'll get me the number.

We can't find that listing, but in one of the free rags, there's a listing for a waterfront property in Schuylerville, rent at the top of my price range BUT with heat and electricity included.

I call. I visit. I fall in love. This is a second-floor apt. in a beautifully remodeled almost-150-year-old building right on the water about .10 mile north of Tom and Noreen's. Close enough to walk to town unless it's 10 below/90 above. The landlords are snowbirds who own all the property from that (3-unit) building up to the bridge where routes 4 and 32 split.

High ceilings. Small kitchen but with eat-in space and mondo cabinetry. Enormous bathroom. More storage space than I'll never need. Full access to the waterfront including the owners' dock. T&N are already making noises about their son fishing there and befriending the downstairs neighbors' kid for fishing and canoeing purposes.

Landlords are awesome and accepted a mere $100 to hold the place. I plan to move some stuff in over the next few weeks, with the big move sometime in October.

I dragged NiiceDuude up there today to ooh, aah, and take pictures, which I will post shortly.

I am trying to be a good girl and not jump on everything that seems so perfect that it Must Be Meant to Be. So many times I've acted on such impulses, I've gotten bitten in the ass.

But this really fucking IS. If I hadn't forgotten to buy the paper at Stewart's and run into Noreen at Cumby's, I might never have found this oh-so-perfect place.

The apartment in Mechanicville is lovely, but I am sooo glad I didn't jump on the first place I saw!