May 28th, 2008


Another GottaGetGon gone

Was it the best ever? Come on, the GottaGetGon is like sex; even when it's bad, it's good.


I actually made it to a couple of concerts!
Playing with NiiceDuude at the gate and the open stage
Many newbies, many young people. We made money and hopefully snagged some converts to the Folk Side.
I managed to curb my tendency to drink on autopilot and stayed relatively sober throughout the weekend, which meant I got to enjoy late-night singing in the 4-H Building, a cappella singing, general hanging out and ... other activities that I'm traditionally too wasted for.
Marc Bernier joining in the Friday night impromptu sing at Chez Jake
Swing jam!
Jake forgot the omelet pans, which actually made Sunday breakfast less stressful than the usual omelet madness.
The Connecticut gang -- thanks, Marge N., for turning them on to this.
Margie R. getting the Lena, and NiiceDuude presenting it.
Dave and Emily singing "Hey, Good Lookin'" at the open stage.
Don and Deb's crochet song
Nadia, Nina, Jackson, Zach and other rugrats whose company I enjoy, and the former rugrat known as Twinkletoze
Did I mention ... Chez Jake! 'Nuff said.

Shiny new bathrooms have issues, and I miss the old women's showers -- I mean, the old showers for women. But I managed to hose off both Saturday and Sunday without a wait.
Cold nights
No Gene
Midday Monday burnout, which kept me from hanging out and helping pack up Chez Jake. Hopefully I'll be recovered by Old Songs and can do my part there.
It's over! Waah!

But the highlights column is far longer than the lowlights column. Which is as it should be.

Is it Old Songs yet?