July 23rd, 2007


R.I.P., Tammy Faye

I saw her late Sunday when CNN reran her interview with Larry King from the previous Thursday, where she looked like the stuff of nightmares -- "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" meets "Night of the Living Dead." So very sad and hard to watch. She taped the interview on Wednesday and was dead two days later.

Televangelists aren't my favorite people. Her ex-husband, Jim, was a sleazeball and a con artist. And don't get me started on Swaggart and Falwell. But Tammy was cool. She was embraced by the gay community as a camp icon, and she embraced them back. She even forged a close friendship with former porn star Ron Jeremy when they did a reality TV show together.

She knew how to do what so many Bible thumpers preach but don't practice: Love the sinner even if you hate the sin. And she knew how to laugh at herself, another skill that doesn't come easily to many BT's.

Godspeed, Tammy. If there is a heaven, I hope it has a cheeseburger stand and a cosmetics counter that are both open 24/7. And don't worry about running into Falwell; I suspect he went to the other place.