niicelaady (niicelaady) wrote,

Good carma

No, that's not a typo.

I've been in a race with destiny in recent weeks -- thinking of using the third paycheck I'm getting this month to replace my old car, which I've had for going on four years and has more issues than Reader's Digest. Honestly, it would take less bandwidth to list the things on it that *do* work than the things that don't.

But recently it developed a few more, and I was starting to worry that it would not make it to next payday. It's been peeing antifreeze and running hot, so every glance at the temperature gauge makes me wonder if the thing is going to catch fire. Added to the ongoing transmission problems, which started to develop a year ago but got worse in the past few months. I decided a few days ago that I could no longer take it on the interstate, because it shimmies and shakes and refuses to upshift at speeds above 55.

Yesterday at work was our annual companywide awards presentation. I allowed myself to think that I might actually get one, because I have done a LOT to save the company money in the past year. Only thing is, they tend to give those awards to the people who come up with those ideas, not those of us who actually carry them out. The awards come with four-figure cash prizes, and it would have been so perfect to win one (I was gunning for the $2,500 one) and be able to buy another cheap car, stat.

Didn't happen. My boss did win one, and I'm happy for her. She deserves it, for reasons above and beyond the one that I got to execute. But I was sort of hoping the karma fairies would send me some financial antacid to ease my transportation heartburn.

I vented on Facebook last night, and this morning, a friend offered me the loan of one of her cars for a few weeks. I don't use real names here on LJ, so let's just say her name rhymes with "Fancy Chowder." Weird thing is, she's not a close friend -- more of a small-F friend. But she and her husband decided they could spare their third car for a while. This will buy me some time between now and next payday -- and beyond, if I need it.

I'm driving the car now -- not *literally* now, I'm on the computer! -- and would seriously consider buying it if she's willing to sell. But I'm happy just to have the use of it for the time being.

Send her and her husband good karma (carma) points. They deserve it!
Tags: changes, friends, gratitude

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