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I do not like the Flurry. There, I've said it.

I know there are people who thoroughly enjoy this festival, and I mean them no disrespect. But I made this confession to someone earlier today, and she concurred. Which emboldened me to go public.

I suppose if I were a serious dancer, I'd love it. And I *was* a serious dancer back in the day. I went to contradances every weekend in my early 20s. But I think that's because I didn't have a singing outlet for my folkie tendencies. These days, I would much rather sing than dance (with the exception of morris dancing, which is about performance rather than recreation). The thought of cramming into a room with 500 other people for a contradance is about as appealing to me as the thought of hanging out in some tropical jungle where the tarantulas grow to the size of Chihuahuas.

The organizers of the Flurry do a phenomenal job. But for me this festival will always be more hassle than enjoyment.

For one thing, it's indoors. In February. Which means a packed house -- several of them. There are no outside venues to relieve the pressure on the indoor ones.

It's crowded, and that seems to bring out everyone's Clueless Joe. People seem to forget the lessons Momma taught about looking where they're going, not blocking passageways and not touching stuff that doesn't belong to them. Old Songs draws a crowd, too, but because it's outdoors, the CJs are spread out so they're not all in your face everywhere you turn. It's not totally cluelessness -- the place is so crowded that often there simply *isn't* a place for people to get out of other people's way.

The PKB bake sale is a clusterfuck, and no matter how hard we (especially NiiceDuude with his mad organizational skillz) try to prevent it from becoming one, it always is. There are never enough work surfaces. There is never enough space for there to be "a place for everything, and everything in its place." There are never enough functioning crockpots. There are never enough places to plug the crockpots that *are* functional without the risk of blowing fuses. And being the p.h.a.t. (see previous post) chick that I am, I don't know when to stop obsessing about all the things that are going wrong and let someone else handle it. I'm working on that. I decided this year that whatever they had to deal with as far as cleaning up tonight, they could do it without me. But I'm still planning to be there for setup first thing tomorrow, which brings me to ...

Saratoga is a lovely little town that loves to host special events. But it simply isn't equipped to do it comfortably. There isn't enough parking. The reason I've volunteered to do bake sale setup the past two years is that getting there early gets me primo parking. I spent enough years parking in the middle of nowhere and schlepping stuff for blocks in the cold that I don't want to go there again. Maybe I've just been spoiled by the fact that my first festival experiences were GottaGetGon and Old Songs, which are held at fairgrounds with ample parking. But the stress of parking a long distance away from the action (especially in the cold), or parking a superlong distance away (something I hope to never do at this event), and having to take a shuttle bus, has not proven to be a positive trade-off for all the alleged fun to be had.

It hasn't all sucked. I enjoyed singing with Swing Shift at the pavilion jam and catching part of their set at the Parting Glass (having chezjake buy me a Guinness at the latter made it even better). I enjoyed the morris dancing, despite the heartburn over sword sash going missing in the late set. And I ate well.

But I am seriously jonesing for spring/summer and all those festivals where the fun outweighs the hassles. Who's with me?
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