niicelaady (niicelaady) wrote,

Brief year in review

So here, I am, partied out. I didn't overindulge in demon rum (or demon beer, or demon brandy, or demon Bailey's) last night -- but the sheer busy-ness of December has left me craving solitude and quiet and days when I don't have to be anywhere. Sadly, that isn't happening anytime soon. Got an Eighth Step concert next weekend, a new festival the weekend after that. Argh!

Had a wonderful New Year's Eve party last night, and went to a New Year's Day party today, but I only lasted about an hour and a half at the latter before the burnout monster struck. I had contemplated not going at all, but wanted to at least make an appearance because Mine Hostess had been through such a sucky 2009 -- both parents died, and son was critically injured in a motor vehicle accident (he's recovering) -- and I wanted to play some small role in celebrating the end of it.

My 2009? Didn't suck. Not the greatest year ever, my first full one as a totally AARP-eligible person (but not a member -- I will NOT join because I still resent them for starting to court me when I was only 47), but it had its good moments, including:

Taking on some new responsibilities at work. One I gladly volunteered for. The other I was "volun-told" for and it continues to be a PITA, but it's getting easier to handle, and I did get an award for taking it on without complaint. (Actually I complained a lot, just under my breath.)

I joined a gym! I've been away for a while because of the aforementioned crazy-busy December but will be getting back into it this weekend.

First full year living at, and first big party hosted at, Chez NiiceLaady on the Hudson.

First Mystic Seaport music festival. A singer's paradise!

An awesome summer/early fall of cookouts, gatherings and campfires at Chez NiiceDuude, thanks in large part to the mad cooking skillz and giant tarp of chezjake.

My new and improved right eye.

Two dear friends are expecting!

My BFF quit smoking. This is a double-edged sword because I miss our smoke-break bonding, but I am happy to know that he will be with us for years longer than he might have been otherwise, had he not quit.

This is not new to 2009, but: My wonderful circle of friends. My dream as the young girl nobody liked was to someday have lots of friends, and that dream has come true. I love you all more than words can say. Happy New Year, and may it be the best ever.
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